Panty sellers can enhance their underwear for sale listings on through utilizing marketing. It might feel odd thinking a complete stranger wants to own your used panties, but it happens. A successful panty seller has to master the ability to know how to trigger a panty buyer’s fetish.


Many times, it helps to enhance a panty auction with the best pictures possible. Those selling used panties should make sure to take pictures of themselves wearing the item and maybe how they are “customizing” these panties. Just like with selling any item, you want to show the condition the item is in for the buyer. Showcase the activities you are doing in your underwear. If you are making your used undwear wet from sweaty or other fluids, try to show this in some way (while still adhering to the FlirtBids rules).

Panty Dancing

Another way to enhance your dirty panty auction is to write a very vivid and telling description. Let the panty buyer know how you will prepare these used underwear for sale. On FlirtBids, panty buyers can private message the sellers. Invite the buyers to private message you for special customization requests. Additionally, buyers can even send you cash tips. If a panty buyer wants something extra, you can certainly let him know that he has to tip extra for that request.


Social media is your friend and the best part is that its FREE! Advertise your panty auctions through your Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, or personal blog. has sharing buttons on each auction so that you can easily share your used underwear auctions with your fans. This will not only help you reach more panty buyers but will also make it easier for users to know that you are selling your used underwear.

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    Selling panties

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    Selling socks and panties. Hit me up 🙂

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