Unlike other adult auction websites, who charge you a membership just to sell your used panties or charge your outrageous fees for everything you do on their site, we only charge a featured item fee if you want your used underwear or clothes to be featured. Also, unlike our competitors, you don’t actually have to pay the fee since it is deducted from the final selling price of your auction, only if your item sells. At FlirtBids, we never make our panty sellers pay for using the website. Likewise, panty lovers never have to pay for items until they win an auction. Bidding is 100% FREE.

10 tokens = $1

Listed below are the commission fees we deduct for each completed auction on the website.

Our Fee

Amount of final price


First 1000 tokens


Next 1000 tokens


Everything Else

Example 1:

If you sell an item for 2100 tokens. There would be a fee on the first 1000 of 20% = 200, then a 15% fee on the next 1000 = 150, and finally a 10% fee on the final amount of 100 = 10.

Example 2:

If you sell an item for 800 tokens. There would be a fee of 20% only since 800 falls in the first 1000 tokens category


Auction Fees
Listing Fee FREE
Membership FREE
Featured Item Fee $2 – only when item is sold otherwise no fee
Bank Wire Fee $5 per Bank Wire
Auction Duration Fee FREE
Image Upload Fee FREE
Additional Category Fee FREE
Relisting Fee FREE
Multiple Item Fee FREE
Sealed Bidding Fee FREE

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