The male body is a vision of ecstasy and a true reflection of the evolution of man over the years, of course this is more predominant in the alpha males of our society – you know those hunks with their gleaming 6 packs, washed in fake tan to attract those who hunger power and perfection. Well for us that are gay, bisexual or even you straight boys, there is nothing quite frankly more raw and sexual than the smell of the pheromones produced by alpha men. I am of course talking about the sheer intoxicating smell of testosterone. We’ve all been in the gym, pretending we’re Zeus with the machines and weights; however, our attractions and moments of power string from the smell of testosterone and what it does to our minds and bodies. For fellow gay and bisexual men this smell hits you like a truck, stopping you in your tracks, overwhelming your most inner desires and that of course is to worship the smell of the alpha in your presence. You beg, in your mind, to be at your knees like a nun worshipping the almighty before you, to scream to society this is where I belong.


The locker room fantasy, ohh what a fantasy this is, which rarely comes true, but when it does, it wreaks havoc on your life; you hunger for more with each day of your life, those men who are visions of only dreams – God’s creations if you will. For gay boys, the sight of this can send you in to an exuberating trance as you hunger to be at the floor of this marvel of man, to be begging to let your inner underwear fantasy unleash.  You crave to be sniffing that designer underwear bought only to impress women and to reflect his financial status among the locker room. You know fine well that the piece of cloth enveloping his mighty cock and balls and cushioning his perfectly tight bubble butt has more importance to him than you can only imagine – you crave to be that underwear, to mean something to this ruggedly buff man before you, and so all you can do is serve him and humiliate yourself to gain his attention. You boys know what I’m talking about…the infamous underwear sniff and cheeky lick if you can.


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