Where do women sell their used panties online? At FlirtBids.com of course!

Women of all types can sell used panties very easily through FlirtBids quick and easy upload process. In order to begin selling underwear online, women and men just need to register for free on FlirtBids.com and can begin uploading their used clothing items for sale. Membership to FlirtBids is 100% FREE unlike other panty selling websites. There are no fees for posting items for sale as non-featured items.

So, what are the benefits to sell panties online? Selling your used panties and used underwear through FlirtBids allows panty sellers to reach more customers than they would if they tried to sell locally through Craigslist. One major disadvantage of Craigslist is their strict policies against adult items for sale. FlirtBids allows sellers to sell any type of adult clothing whether its used panties, used footwear, or any other used lingerie item. Best part of all is that sellers can control their own prices and sell their items for whatever prices they choose.

The uniqueness of FlirtBids is all of the cool features which panty sellers can take advantage of using. For starters, FlirtBids allows sellers to either sell their used undergarments at auction or as “buy now” items. Auctions allow panty sellers to earn more for their used lingerie by allowing customers to out bid each other on a piece of lingerie starting at a start bid price set by the seller. Opting for a “buy now” only auction, means a customer can’t bid but can only buy the item for the set price. Afraid your item might sell for too low of a price? No problem, just set a higher reserve price. A reserve price is the minimum cash amount at which your item must sell for on FlirtBids. If this minimum isn’t met, a winner won’t be chosen for your auction item.

Another advantage of selling used panties through FlirtBids is that you don’t send any items until you have confirmation that a customer has paid. No need to worry about getting ripped off or played by sleazy scam artists. FlirtBids notifies all panty sellers when to send their items after the customer has added the correct amount of tokens and deposited them into your account. Additionally, FlirtBids rewards used underwear sellers for selling their items at high prices. FlirtBids has a structured commission system so all panty and lingerie sellers earn a minimum of 80% commission but can earn up to 90% commission if their items sell for higher prices. Thus, we reward our members for great accomplishments. Don’t hesitate any longer and create a FREE account on FlirtBids.com to supplement your existing income by selling your panties online.

103 thoughts on “Where to Sell Used Panties

  1. dreamgirl_95 says:

    trying to sell my used panties. i love to cum and i take special requests!

  2. Cocoa says:

    I wanna sell some…I stay soaking wet

  3. Lola Renee says:

    I want to sell my used panties. I’m 5’4″, 130lbs, brown eyed brunette. AND I take special requests.

  4. athleticbitch99 says:

    I want to sell my panties to help pay my rent. I am a college athlete and am in very good shape. I am 5’4″ with dark brown hair and green-blue eyes. I will take any and all special requests. Buy my panties and help me pay for my rent and college please

  5. pouty peach says:

    i need someone else you smell my sour pussy, im 19 and will take request

  6. bigbutt27 says:

    Hi, I am a 19 year old college student open to requests of my used underwear. I have large butt and am very willing to sell.

  7. blaire says:

    20, young blondie selling used panties 😉

  8. JeanieHouston says:

    Oh man, I sold my panties once before and it was so exciting! If anyone is interested in buying from a 20 uear old, white Texan girl let me know and we can get something arranged

  9. Nicoleduncan says:

    I want to sell my wet used panties

  10. Britty1089 says:

    27 year old college graduate with a degree in Psychology. I am 5’7, 150 lbs. I wear medium size panties. Let me know if you’re interested.

  11. Tiffany says:

    I have sexy worn and used panties for sale. Some are worn while having intercourse and masterbating and everyday cleaning around the house or working out.

  12. Catalina says:

    My sexy roomate and I want to start selling our panties!

  13. Gods flower says:

    22 pregnant native american females will to sell masturbated in used panties. Im 5’4 hazel eeye shoulder length brown hair.

  14. maddie156 says:

    I am 18 year old girl who is still in school and looking to sell my used panties. I am 5’5 and weigh 126 pounds with an athletic build, brown shoulder length hair, and big brown eyes. I will take special requests, just reply and we can start talking about what you would like

  15. MoonSnowBunni says:

    20 year old lipstick lesbian interested in selling used panties. ; )
    5’5″, 125 pounds, very into working out and very into make-up, haha. ♥

  16. Cherrybabe88 says:

    My sexy sister and I want to start selling our used panties…panties that have been masterbated in, fucked in, ate out in, worked out in, etc. Who wants ’em???

    *Don’t forget to ask about our pussy pops!

  17. Cherrybabe88 says:

    Who wants this sweet pussy essence delivered? I crave someone new to enjoy my unique scent..

  18. Nicole23 says:

    I want to sell my used panties. I am very active at the gym and work. I’ll take special request let me know if interested 🙂

  19. Cassidy says:

    Hello boys, I’m looking to sell my used panties. I’m a sexy and curvy woman who loves to masterbate and smell my cummed in panties, and I want some of you to enjoy it too. I have a very distinct scent that I know will make you go wild. Let me know if you would like to chat

  20. Lovecherry says:

    Hey daddies, I wanna sell my dirty panties. I’m 5’4 and a very dirty blonde, I take requests on how long you want me to wear my panties.

  21. Yournewobsession says:

    i want to be your new obsession make custom requests and message me 😉

  22. Chloerabbit11 says:

    I have some very dirty sexy Ann summers used thongs for sale on my page Worn during workouts and can wear for as long as you like just message me your preferences and requests and I will fulfill your fantasies 21 year old 5ft 9 curvy blonde nurse ready to give you what you need!! Also selling workout clothes so check those out too, they have an authentic distinct womanly aroma that will make your eyes roll back into your head

  23. Jess and Amie says:

    Two college roommates looking to share our used panties, socks, or whatever you want. You don’t receive just an item, you will receive an experience. Ideally seeming just a couple of guys who we can get to know and help with your needs.

  24. Kendall says:

    Looking to sell my panties. I’m 23, 5’8 and 1125 pounds. Brown hair and blue eyes. I have a very voluptuous ass. I am constantly wet and frequently get off (at least once per day) by rubbing my clit from outside of my panties. For the right price, I also do videos and photos. I love new things; no request is too extreme.

  25. SugarTits says:

    I’m a 5’2″ curvaceous blonde woman looking to sell my used panties…I masturbate at least once a day & I’m a squirter! Let me know if you’re interested in smelling my sweet nectar!!!

  26. Katie Kay says:

    I’m 5’7 thick af curvy women, auburn hair big blue eyes an athletic I stay wet An smell like heaven I have multiple pairs up for sale

  27. Lacylotty says:

    I’m looking to sell my dirty sexy lacy panties. If anyone is interested i have 8 pair.

  28. Stephaniebxxx says:

    I’m Stephanie I’m 24, brown hair greeb eyes and I stay soaking wet. I can do any requests! You won’t be disappointed! 😉

  29. Lis says:

    Hey y’all im Lookin to sell some soaking wet panties. 24 hr wear (more if desired) i like to play in my panties and i do take special requests! 24 years old, thick, brunette, green eyes & i love to please 😉

  30. Izzy says:

    I have some two day soaked panties ready to sell for cheap and with pictures babes if you’re intrested

  31. Isabella says:

    Hola! I’m a sexy venezuelan girl who enjoys to masturbate every time I can and has a really unique smell. I’m 18, blonde, brown eyes, really curvy, 5’7, and I have a really big booty. I accept especial requests and I would love to fulfill all of your wishes guys. Just let me know and I’ll give you my Snapchat account!

  32. Petitebae says:

    Selling used panties, email me if you are interested with the type of panties you want and # and we will make a deal

  33. archergirl1991 says:

    I’m an archer girl and have fun dirty underwear i wore all day while i shot. Anyone interested ? I’m 5’8” 130 lbs and athletic built with a big butt and big boobs. 😉 my scent is unique trust me you’ll be hooked.

  34. Penny26 says:

    so, I want to sell my panties. this is real. If you are interested contact me… I am always wet I am 26 sweet girl, from C.R. that loves squirting

  35. Bambigirl1818 says:

    I’m Bambi and I have fun used underwear in all styles. Worn from 1-2 days. I’m 5’9, fit, 125 lbs but a round butt. Anyone interested?

  36. Elron says:

    Well worn sporty socks galore as well as panties and bras.from an athletic 22y/o 115lb female, with size 8 Message for pricing.
    We’re in Canada

  37. Rosie says:

    Looking to sell my dirty underwear… I’m 20 years old and constantly horny and soaking wet. I’m always masturbating so have no problem doing it with my undies and will take other requests.

  38. Ellie Sole says:

    I have a pink and black thong I worn for 24 hhours, have a good scent to them now any takers? Highest offers

  39. ite says:

    oh no! sexy sister and I want to start selling our used panties…panties that have been masterbated in, fucked in, ate out in, worked out in, etc. Who wants ’em???

  40. Samantha says:

    anyone interred in buying used panties from an 18 year old girl

  41. Minnie says:

    Used panties for sale, lots avalible!! x

  42. pantycum says:

    I have sexy panties to sell. I am always wet, so my pussy juices and cum are all over them

  43. sexywetpanties says:

    Selling my sexy used panties. I’m 18 years old and am always wet, and squirting on them 😉

  44. Lindsey Michelle says:

    Looking to sell some used panties. I love using my toys until I cum in them. I have different styles and take requests.

  45. Babygirlx93 says:

    Selling dirty panties, will do requests 😉 looking for anyone interested in the UK! I’m a young slim girl who’s always horny and gets very wet x

  46. Poison ivy says:

    Selling used panties. Tell me hownyou want them!

  47. Bri says:

    Selling used panties email me if interested.

  48. IzzySoSweet says:

    Hello any horny guys out there that wants to stroke one out smelling a pair of my panties .Sweet sweet oh so wet just for you to smell ! ??

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